oxygen cleaning & PASSIvation - Pickle & Oiling

Oxygen cleaning: Copper, Stainless, Brass, Monel, & Carbon Steel.

Carolina Piping Services, Inc. cleans parts that are commonly used in the distribution, storage and production of gaseous Oxygen. The most commonly used specification in the industry for this type of cleaning are: CGAG-4.1

  • NFPA 99C

  • Praxair – GS-38 (Carolina Piping Services is a Certified Oxygen Cleaning Vendor for Praxair)

  • ASTM B-819

  • ASTM G93


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Stainless Steel Passivation: ASTM A967 – ASTM A380 Carolina Piping Services is also a leader in passivation of stainless steel services using both citric and nitric acid methods to ASTM A967 standards. Carolina Piping Services can provide passivation services of stainless steel across the Medical and Industrial Fields of service.

Carbon Steel Pickle & Oiling: ASTM A967 - ASTM A380 Carolina Piping Services, Inc. offers Carbon Steel pickle and oiling services. From carbon steel fittings, valves, flanges and pipe, Carolina Piping Services, Inc. can provide services to fit your needs. Our processes allow us to clean and pickle just about any part that can be transported to our facility. A typical carbon steel pickling job will consist of pre-cleaning, pickling and oiling. The pre-cleaning step is usually done with degreasers, blasting or hot caustic solutions. Pickling solutions normally consist of sulphuric and water. The final step in most pickling jobs is the application of a rust inhibitor. Carbon steel cleaning and pickling can also be used as a pre-treatment step prior to painting.

Carbon Steel Media Blasting: Carolina Piping Services, Inc. offers a range of Media Blasting for Carbon Steel Materials. SSPC-SP 10 (latest revision), “Near- White Metal Blast Cleaning” (Houston, TX: NACE, and Pittsburgh, PA: SSPC). SSPC-VIS 1 (latest revision), “Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaces Prepared by Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning” (Pittsburgh, PA: SSPC). SSPC-AB 1 (latest revision), “Mineral and Slag Abrasives” (Pittsburgh, PA: SSPC). SSPC-AB 2 (latest revision), “Cleanliness of Recycled Ferrous Metallic Abrasives” (Pittsburgh, PA: SSPC). SSPC-AB 3 (latest revision), “Ferrous Metallic Abrasives” (Pittsburgh, PA: SSPC). SSPC-SP 1 (latest revision), “Solvent Cleaning” (Pittsburgh, PA: SSPC). SSPC-SP COM (latest revision), “Surface Preparation Commentary for Steel and Concrete Substrates” (Pittsburgh, PA: SSPC). SSPC-PA Guide 4 (latest revision), “Guide to Maintenance Repainting with Oil Base or Alkyd Painting PRAXAIR Standard GS-38 9.1.1 Sandblast/Grit blast Cleaning