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The very first SafTCart.

In the late 80’s Jimmy Walker Sr. saw the need for a self-contained oxy/acetylene unit- or cutting torch outfit. After being unable to find manufacturers to produce his cart, Walker began acquiring equipment he bought from local auctions. Walker developed the very first Saf-T-Cart as an extension of Walker Welders in 1997. Today, Saf-T-Cart has expanded to produce cylinder carts, cages, pallets, truck beds, and trailers, and employs over 100 people in its everyday manufacturing operation. Today Saf-T-Cart sells to all 50 states, Canada, Latin America and beyond. With 60 years in the industry, Saf-T-Cart is constantly developing new innovations which change the way cylinder transport is accomplished in the packaged gas industry. Saf-T-Cart’s growth can only be attributed to the loyalty and dedication from our customer base, which remains our primary focus to this day.


Photographed: Jimmy Walker Sr.

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